vegetable frittata

I tend to cook a lot on the weekends I’ve realized. I guess that’s a good thing since I’ll be doing all the cooking next year and thus need as much experience as possible in the kitchen.

This recipe came to me via an Anthropologie email (which, if you aren’t subscribed already, sign up.) These little treasures are not your average retail store emails. They don’t overflow your inbox with obnoxious sale advertisements and self-promotion. Anthropologie emails are often highly informative with beautiful graphics and watercolors. Naturally they include emails featuring their beautiful garments and accessories, but I digress.

Here is the delectable recipe! Keep in mind, I am not a cook and don’t claim to be. This is a very simple recipe and very delicious for my money!

Note: I used a cast iron skillet instead of a muffin tray. It worked just the same. Depending on how you want to serve your frittata just adjust accordingly.


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