moving on up


Left to right: my brother, me, the graduate, Nana, my sister


I won’t be so lonely at college next year! Finally, my brother and our two cousins are graduates of high school! Next year is going to be fantastic. I am so pumped to have my brother at the same university as me! It will make going back not so bad. I am proud and happy for my brother and my cousins. They’re in for quite a ride next year… College is…interesting.



Can’t wait for next year, bro!


With my cousin, Ben, who was not graduating. He’s just my best friend.

I was wearing a See by Chloe dress from Rent the Runway, Children’s Place Denim Jacket, Forever 21 necklace, Gianni Bini wedges


2 thoughts on “moving on up

  1. College… just interesting? You should be having the time of your life! Not going to lie, I don’t like college ITSELF… in fact I hate it so much that I’m sooooo happy I’m graduating in a few days, but it’s a great environment that offers many opportunities you’ll never have. Here’s my advice to you on college… although your parents may not agree with me ( LOL.

    I love your outfit in the first photo. Perfect necklace and dress pairing.


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