Hello lovely readers!

How wonderful to be starting this blog on Earth Day weekend! Not that my blog and Earth Day have any relation, although I am very passionate about recycling and living green. Perhaps I will post about that sometime…

For now, I’d like to introduce myself and this blog. I am Molly – a college student with a passion for fashion. I live and breathe it. There is nothing more exhilarating than opening a brand new magazine and running my fingers across the glossy pages taking in every sartorial part of it. I hope one day to be part of such a glorious product. It is my dream to write or style shoots for Vogue, InStyle, TeenVogue, etc. This blog, as you may be able to tell from the title, will focus on all things elegant, chic, and sparkly. I want to uphold a “standard of elegance.”

Enough about my dreams though. The inspirations for my blog come straight from the inspirations in my life: my mother, my grandmother, Audrey Hepburn, Pinterest, other bloggers, and really my own imagination.

Hopefully you find something you like on here. I want to explore a little bit of everything with this blog – from fashion, to lifestyle, to surviving college. As I grow and learn, I will share my experiences here. Fingers crossed I learn how to cook!

With love,



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