2014 Emmy Awards Red Carpet

I know, I know. It’s been months since I’ve written a post. But let’s get past that shall we and enjoy the gorgeous ladies of the Emmys red carpet. It’s always so hard to narrow down my favorite looks from award shows, but alas, uploading 20+ pictures to a blog post is quite an undertaking (and time suck.) So, without further ado, my 11 favorite looks from the 2014 Emmy Awards red carpet.

What were your favorite looks?

the westbound rangers

Thank goodness the BF introduced me to a new band. The music on my iPod right now is depressingly overplayed and far from “fresh” or motivational. Every season I like to update my music library with seasonal or just good ole’ enjoyable tunes. Right now, I’m going through an Americana/Bluegrass/Avett Brothers-esque phase. The Westbound Rangers fit the new-folk sound perfectly. Seriously, listen to their 2011 album and wonder how these guys haven’t made it big yet.

here’s why mindy kaling is the best

She’s the most fabulous OBGYN on television. Her recent red carpet choice was not revolutionary, just a sartorially savvy choice. Her book is laugh-out-loud hilarious (as is her show), and Kelly Kapoor’s one-liners will forever be some of my favorite quotes. Bottom line: Mindy Kaling is awesome. If you need further proof, just watch this interview from Jimmy Kimmel.

easy fish tacos + coleslaw

fish tacos with cole slaw

There is obviously nothing better than fresh fish on a beach vacation. If you disagree, then you’re wrong. Seeing as I was spring breaking in Destin, Florida and The Kitchn recently posted a recipe for a quick weeknight meal of fish tacos and quick cabbage slaw, I decided to take full advantage of the caught-that-day fish available at any local grocery store. Keep reading for the full recipe!

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knoxville fashion week

Knoxville Fashion Week

Knoxville Fashion Week is certainly no competition for New York Fashion Week. They have a long way to go before even reaching the level of Nashville Fashion Week. It was a little disorganized and too casual to be taken seriously. If they booked more designers instead of just brands (ahem, Buckle and Tommy Hilfiger?), it would go over better.

Gage Modeling and Talent Agency kicked off KFW on Wednesday night at G&G Interiors. Thursday featured emerging designers at Latitude 35; Friday’s show at Relix featured menswear, lingerie and swimwear; and Saturday was the grand finale at the Holiday Inn at World’s Fair Park. Fellow blogger, Ashlyn Kittrell, and I attended most of the shows together, bouncing critiques off of each other. There was at least one line from each night that I liked. Below are some of my favorites.  Continue reading

southern-style catfish

southern style catfish

Due to an insane fall semester, I abandoned the blog for a little while. I made a resolution, though, to write more and refine my content. A good place to start is with this catfish recipe. Food is at the heart of this blog, and cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. And on a snowy day like today, I just want warm, comfort food. Click through for the recipe!  Continue reading

friday five

You may have noticed I’ve been very interested in food and cooking lately. I can’t give you specific reason why I’ve turned into mini-Martha other than I’m on a roll in the kitchen. I’m also writing an article about quick, easy meals for college students so that might also have something to do with it. Regardless, cooking remains the topic of conversation, on my blog at least. For this week’s Friday Five, I’ve gathered five cookbooks or food-related books that I’m dying to read. Click through to check them out!

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